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Breaking Heart Cardiology News

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Crucial practice-changing science is coming to Atlanta in April 2024!

Filed by Dr. Jim Rybacki on February 5, 2024

It’s American Heart Month and did you know that the American College of Cardiology is meeting in Atlanta April 5-8th this year? It’s true, and I will be on-site with a film crew to bring you the latest info from some of the best cardiologists and researchers on the planet! The remarkable thing is that we already know the names of the Late Breaking Scientific sessions  AND that there will be three featured clinical research sessions AND two deep dive sessions to provide expert study insights.

I fly out to Atlanta on Friday, April 5th and I expect to be blogging live from the meeting AND getting the chance to interview the women and men who actually did the research as well as a thought leader or two. Let’s take a closer look—My colleagues at GRP studios are in discussions with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and are getting their cameras tagged and important permissions for interviews AND I believe that they have also proposed me as a safety valve interviewer if the need arises.

All of the studies in the Late Breaker sessions are available from the ACC at (. Just Google ACC Late Breaking Clinical Trials. The first hit should be from the ACC itself and it will start with Late-Breakers-ACC Scientific Session…

What I want to focus on are the studies for: After a Heart Attack (Acute MI), for patients at elevated or major risk of CV events, and for those with Heart Failure (HF). Some of this is very complicated, but let me organize the medicine generic names and the study names in particular. I expect that there will be major news pick-ups of the studies, but you never know. Since I’m a heart patient myself, I bring a unique perspective because I’ve been to the cath lab.

Breaking Heart Cardiology News by Dr. James Rybacki! Heart Failure / Heart Attack

Late Breaking Studies Involving Patients after a Heart Attack | Breaking Heart Cardiology News by Dr. James Rybacki!

The EMPACT-MI trial will no doubt show how empagliflozin (you may know it as Jardiance) may or may not impact patient outcomes AFTER a heart attack.

AEGIS-II has been evaluating the effect of unique apolipoprotein A-I infusions after a heart attack

The REDUCE-AMI study is assessing the long-term effects of beta-blocker treatment in the specific patient population of preserved left ventricular ejection fraction and

The TACT2 study used edetate disodium infusions after heart attacks in patients living with diabetes.

Late Breaking studies for people at risk of CV events and

Risk, risk, risk. If your loved ones had significant risk, would you want to lower that risk? Of course, you would.

The BE ACTIVE study randomized a group of people at high risk for major adverse Cardiovascular (CV) events into financial incentives, gamification, or both as tools to increase physical activity. We will find out in Atlanta what worked and why!

BRIDGE CS8-TIMI 73a is a study that used a novel medicine called olezarsen (from Ionis Pharmaceuticals) to try to help people with high triglycerides and increased CV risk. This medicine is an experimental ligand-conjugated antisense drug which just may show significant results!

LIB003 is being studied for long-term use in people with high CV risk who are also on stable lipid-lowering treatment! The Atlanta release will tell us about potential side effects, benefits, and outcomes!

Late-Breaking Clinical Trials for Patients with Heart Failure   

Heart failure (HF) is a pervasive problem in the US and around the world. Those living with HF face daily limitations and help is urgently needed.

The RELIEVE-HF study looked at the benefits of an inter-arterial shunt in people with HF and both reduced AND preserved ejection fraction (a measure of fluid ejected—in this case, blood ejected from a chamber such as the heart and the left ventricle with each contraction of the heart muscle).

Arise-HF (AT-001) looked at the benefits of a selective aldose reductase inhibitor seeking to help diabetic cardiomyopathy. We will find out in Atlanta if this experimental drug helps improve the heart’s ability to pump blood and prevent worsening of the disease.

AS USUAL, there will be additional interviews and surprise breakthroughs and I will adjust my schedule to cover what I think are the best and more game-changing results!

Thanks for reading the Breaking Heart Cardiology News by Dr. James Rybacki!

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